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An occultist and a demon hunter walk into a bar. She orders a drink. She counts the totems in her pocket, and then she counts the bullets in her revolver. She takes a shot before  leaving—a farmer has some talking pigs to take care of.

Small Town Gothic is a tabletop adventure game where players hunt and collect demons. You just need some six-sided dice and some friends to play!

  • Quick setup! You don't even need to roll any dice to get started!
  • Minimalist rules! Everything the player needs to play is on one page! There are only four stats to keep track of, and numbers always stay small.
  • Useful Referee Tools! A unified mechanic for dungeon-crawling, monster reactions, and battle morale! Players will feel the dread of the very dungeon they explore, breathing down their necks and stalking every movement.
  • Player Skill! Players are encouraged to lower the stakes with every action they take, so that fighting to the death is never the only solution. Rolling the dice is the most surefire way to lose!
  • Demon Negotiation! Make pacts with demons to summon them while dungeon-crawling or demon-hunting!
  • And more!

This package includes the player/referee playsheet and an Appendix pamphlet, which has useful information about items and spells!

  • Starting Items! A d66 table of useful items for players to start with!
  • Weapons! Rules for how to keep track of ammo for guns! Also rules for how to differentiate types of weapons without having to use weird dice!
  • To-Hit Tables! For players and referees who want to avoid math! Also rules for descending stats and levels, instead of the ascending ones used by default.
  • Encounters! Advice for how to generate random encounters, and how to run combat when it happens!
  • Spells! A d66 table of weird spells that players can find and cast!
  • And more!

Check out the Demon Compendium for a bestiary of weird demons and fiends, inspired by the American religious imagination!

Please leave a rating, and also some feedback if you wish! :) I also love to talk to people, so feel free to say hello at @chiquitafajita_ on Twitter!


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Appendix v0.1 887 kB

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Only play will show how well this works, but it reads well, is very concise, and looks a lot of fun. I particularly like the simple and useful way you use alignment. On the strength of this I’m moving on to check out your compendium of ~60 demons.


Thank you so much! :)