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The drive that pushes you forward is the drive to resolve day-to-day problems and prepare for the important things in the future.

WILWYF is my second entry for #WSCAJam! This is a game about repetition. You're not setting out on an adventure to make a big name for yourself. Instead, you're staying in one place to make a nice life for yourself! Inspired by Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, WILWYF is structured to avoid the implicit narrativism of tabletop games where both time and character development are linear. Can you find meaning in the cycles of everyday life instead?

You start each day knowing how much energy you have to make it through! You might work on a farm, or deliver packages to nearby villages, or just wander around doing odd jobs! You can also play by yourself, or with your friends if you all want to share a world together! WILWYF explores the relationship between the dice and your Imagination, as well as the entrance of the Unknown into the game when you or one of your friends plays as the Journalist!

The last seven pages are some slightly unhinged mechanics/minigames/essays!

  • What festivals does your village celebrate throughout the year!
  • How can you make money from making things!
  • How can you travel on airships, boats, or your own two feet!
  • How can you take care of a nice farm!
  • How can you work together to make big things!
  • If your village is closed off from the outside, why!
  • Who else lives in your village!

You can talk to me at @chiquitafajita_ on Twitter! Let me know what you think! :)

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorTraverse Fantasy
TagsCute, Life Simulation, Slice Of Life


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This is a unique and interesting game that stayed true to its inspirations. Good job!