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Pixies, Bigfoot, and Satan--oh my!

This is a bestiary of ~60 demons to use with Small Town Gothic, a tabletop adventure game. Each page has six demons for easy random encounter generation.

Featuring the following funky demons, and many more!

  • Bishop Fish! A real fish out of water!
  • Bigfoot! A cryptid who doesn't know where they come from either!
  • Gargoyle! Little stone dragons who shoot water from their mouths!
  • Incubus! Awful!
  • Ophan! That fun interlocking wheel-shaped angel covered in eyes!
  • Pixies! Tricky little fairies who like to play pranks!
  • Selkies! Steal their coat, and they'll follow you forever!
  • Tommy Knocker! Quite a nice tunnel you have... it would be a shame if something happened to it!

Check out the tabletop game!

Content Warning! The second sample page goes into more detail.

The traditional cosmic alignments of Law and Chaos are reinterpreted through an American Evangelical lens, with insight from Lacanian psychoanalysis. The cosmic struggle between Law and Chaos is the Universe's subjective conflict between the Name of the Father and its own imagined being. Neutrality is not the refusal to participate in the struggle, but its own structural position: the neurotic subject who accepts the rule of the Law but desires and strives after their own lost essence. Lawful and Chaotic subjects are similarly reinterpreted as Perverse and Psychotic apropos the Law of God.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorTraverse Fantasy
TagsDungeon Crawler, Psychological Horror


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Nice bunch of demons, well thought out and organized. I could use this in plenty of other games.


Thank you! I wrote them precisely to be system agnostic, in case people want to use them for their D&D style games. I almost included a conversion between Rank and HD, but thought that would be better left to the game master.


I think so. Less is more when it comes to hacking, sometimes. I was thinking I could adapt a lot of your ideas to a Traveller/Mazerats game, or to an Over the Edge 2e game. Especially in the setting of OTE, 2e — the idea of some people collecting demons on a rather odd, corrupt, island (Al Amarja) that is the home of the dissolute, depraved, desperate and potentially deranged strikes me as something worth following up. One day.